Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We Have to Pick a Name!

Greetings followers!  A good friend told me that writing is great therapy.  For those that know me, I used to write poetry all the time.  But lately, I have not had the drive.  But I had a dream last night that was all too real.  I dreamed of my future children.  I've had dreams before of being pregnant, and dreams of being a mother.  With this one, I woke up smiling...and yearned to go back to sleep so I could see them again (I actually had twins in the dream!)  So I am sharing this with you.  And be mindful that I am not a professional writer...but I play one on TV.

I laid my eyes upon your face
Angelic and perfect
Eyes that only view innocence
Eyes that hunger for knowledge
Eyes that are pure
I think I will name you Arien
And your skin is so soft
Dusted with cinnamon
Flavored with mocha
Sweetend with brown sugar
A beautiful recipe of the Creator
I think I will name you Mahogany
I dream about you
Hair so dark and curly
Cheeks that beg to be kissed
Hands that hold mine so tightly
As if to say, "I am yours"
I think I will name you Miracle
You are a fraction of us
We will always be a fraction of you
And together we are complete
I wish I could shield you
From all that steal your joy
I want to ingest your smile
Because your happiness nurtures me
I think I will name you Felice
And though I speak to you
From a place that you cannot hear
Just know that you are adored
I think I will name you Love.

Thank you for reading fam!  ETJ


  1. Well yep my eyes watered a bit too at the ingest and nurture mark. This is beautiful, friend. <3

  2. I like it. It brought tears to my eyes. I was just talking about my journey a little earlier today and feeling a little melancholy.

    I used to journal a lot growing up, and it was very therapeutic. I stopped journaling about 6 years ago, and I miss it. I keep starting, but then I am not consistent. More recently, I have started back. You definitely have a true talent. I hope you will get back to it.