Saturday, September 10, 2011

ABC...Alphabet or American Broadcasting Company?

I'm sure that when little Justyce Jr. will learn her alphabet, she will probably realize that ABC can carry so many meanings...because mommie's life is made up of hundreds of letter combinations, many of which are so complex that you would have to be part of the Matrix in order to understand them.

At work, surely all of us use some sort of acronym that only your "gang" of employees know what the hell they mean.  I can tell my coworker that I looked an an MBR and a SSID today and when I discovered that the NH was denied based on the DLI and his PSY coding right now is N01, and I checked his SEQY for any LAG just to see if I could increase the DLI, but there was no proof of the earnings.  I could also tell my husband this, and he would give me the "please stop talking" glare.

I decided to go back to my natural hair last year.  I did my BC on 09/22/2010, and for a while I rocked a TWA.  Did you also know that I sometimes NoPoo when I wash?  Let me tell this to one of my Caucasian, Hispanic, or Asian friends, and they will also give me the "please stop talking" glare.

I have recently (well...somewhat recently) discovered that I have PCOS.  Great!  Another acronym that affects my life that will ultimately be my downfall if i don't take care of it.  I am now learing how DHEA-S and SHBG and FAI and that the ratio of LH to FSH  is greater than 1:1...WTF???

I have created this blog to inform those that are my familiars and those that are strangers to know what journeys I'm going through.  I will share info about my my adventures in the world of public service keeps my sense of humor well fed.

I will share info about my hair...what I'm learning, how I'm maintaining hit, who I get my advice from (look for shoutouts to my youtube subscriptions!).

I will share info about dealing with PCOS...what I discover about the condition, what literature I am reading, what steps I am taking to control it (team "Get Preggers").

I will share my dreams, my aspirations, my opinions, and my irritations.  I may even share a poem or two.  Whichever you find will suit your needs most, I hope I have helped you in some way.  Be mindful that I am not a professor of don't say "Justyce told me to do such-n-such"...I am not an expert on anything.  Just treat this blog as a great conversation amongst friends.  ETJ (Enjoy The Journey)!!!


  1. Your job disturbs me. Love you.

  2. I know exactly how you feel about the PCOS and being on team "Get Preggers". I have been dealing with it for quite some time. Only since I got married did the pregnancy issue become real. It has not been an easy journey, but I definitely send positive vibes your way throughout your journey.


  3. I too am quite familiar with PCOS, but haven't had the chance for the effects to disrupt my life plans yet, because I am still single. I do know that WL can reduce it significantly, but we all know there is no magic pill for that. :) Looking forward to being on this journey with you. I wish I knew what a NoPoo was though. LOL. Love you much! --BiPo to you, Anonymous to errybody else ;-)

  4. LOL...the medical acronyms are WORST! Came to Baltimore last night and passed by a BSO Gala...first thing I thought was "Why are they having a Bilateral Salpingo-Oophectomy (Tying Tubes) Gala? It was actually the "Baltimore Symphony Orchestra" Gala...sad. We make acronyms for EVERYTHING and it's affecting my life LOL.

    Love the blog...maybe I will start writing in mine...that I created 2 years ago :-|

    Love you...but not your hubby,


  5. Oh...and I'm Team "Would love to be preggers but my situation won't allow so I'll actually wait till me and my hubby love in the same state"

    God's luck with the baby journey...if you need me you know how to find me.

  6. Thanks to everyone for their comments. are tooooo funny with BSO! And I am a cheerleader for your team. Bi-po...we know the deal! Cresha...Thank you so much for your input! I'm glad to know that we can share some supportive info. Thanks for following!